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Ants & Carpenter Ants

We offer effective treatment and extermination of ants and carpenter ants inside and around your home. Ants can appear anywhere there is a source of food, or water, and are commonly found indoors near dishwashers and in kitchens, as well as in attics, bathrooms, and anywhere there may have been moisture due to a prior roof or other water leak.

Carpenter ants specifically are wood-eating insects and can cause serious damage to your home or business. To help protect yourself, don't keep firewood nearby your home's exterior, ensure proper water drainage away from your home's foundation with gutters, and always remove stumps, dead tree limbs and other wood debri to remove potential nesting sites that can attract carpenter ants. Carpenter ants can have a lifespan of almost 10 years, and their main nests can contain thousands of ants.

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While earwigs do not typically harm humans, adult earwigs can pinch, and can be a nuisance in your home. There are both winged and non-winged earwigs; although even winged earwigs seldom fly. In times of hot, dry weather, earwigs will typically migrate indoors, and can enter your home through extremely small cracks in windows, walls, and other areas. Earwigs are nocturnal bugs. During the day they will typically hide in damp, dark, and especially in humid areas of your home; such as in your kitchen, bathroom or basement.

Earwigs in the Grand Rapids and West Michigan areas are considered a nuisance pest. They do not harm humans, eat wood or destroy other indoor property. However, excessive amounts of earwigs outdoors in your yard or garden areas can be a problem, as earwigs are most well-known for eating and destroying delicate flowers and plantings you may have in garden or landscape areas.

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There are at least 3,000 species of spiders in the US. Spiders can enter your home through cracks in windows, doors, walls, and other crevices. Most spiders, even those that do bite, are harmless, and will not bite unless they are handled (picked up with your hand), or feel threatened. In some rare cases, spider bites can be dangerous or poisonous, but our West Michigan spider control services can help reduce the populations of spiders on your property and in your home, helping you to avoid coming into contact with them in the first place.

In Michigan, there are actually just 2 types of poisonous spiders. These are the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider. Neither is outwardly aggressive, but will bite if disturbed. Brown recluse spiders are very rare in Michigan, and can't live in temps below 40° F. It is believed they made their way to our state through shipping trucks coming here from the South. Bites from neither of these spiders is typically fatal — but if bitten, immediate medical treatment from a doctor is still required.

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Other General Bugs

Are you seeing another type of bug in or around your home, perhaps a less common one not listed on our website? Zimmerman Pest Control has been serving West Michigan for over 20 years and is knowledgable and experienced in the identification, control, removal and extermination of dozens of West Michigan pests.

If you have seen a bug in your home and are unsure what it is and unable to identify it, snap a clear photo of it if you can; and contact us for professional advice and a free estimate. We offer effective extermination and Grand Rapids, MI pest control services for termites and mosquitoes, as well as ants, carpenter ants; and stinging insects such as bees, wasps, and hornets, and many other household pests. We specialize in the control of bugs — we do not offer control of critters such as mice, bats, or rats.

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