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There are many types of termites that can thrive in West Michigan, but all of them present the potential for extensive damage to your home if untreated. If you suspect termite activity of any kind, contact us for a quote online or call us now at (616) 893-1496.

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Regardless of whether your home is brand new or was constructed several decades ago, is brick, covered with vinyl siding, stucco, or another exterior surface; termites can usually find a way in if conditions at your home are attractive to these damage-causing pests.

Termites can enter your home through the tiniest of cracks, working from the outside in, and often, by the time you may become aware of them or see them inside, damage has already been done.

Grand Rapids, Mi Termite Control

As you can see from the photo shown here, there are many types of termites; and even two termites of the same kind can appear drastically different from one another during different periods of their life — growing from nymphs to either workers or soldiers, shedding their wings, etc. Some termites can also be accidentally mistaken for ants (bottom right), or flying ants.

Termites eat wood, which may include floors, roof trusses and structural beams, floor joists, and much more; which can cause serious, and sometimes irreparable damage to a house or commercial building. This is why reacting fast to a potential termite infestation is key to getting rid of these pests, and minimizing the damages done by them.

There are multiple types of termites including drywood termites, dampwood termites, formosan termites, and subterranean termites, but subterranean termites are the only termite species typically found in the West Michigan area. The damages caused by some termites are worse than others; but annually in the United States, termites cost Americans a total of over $5 billion dollars in damage. Untreated termite infestations can also make it impossible to sell your home in the future; as many mortgage companies and brokerages (as well as the potential homebuyers themselves) will require a thoroughl termite inspection prior to the closing of the sale.

Not all termites create noticeable mud tubes or mud tunnels that a homeowner may notice. If you see frass (termite droppings) that sometimes look like wood shavings, signs of dead termites, the sound of hollow areas in walls, strange or unknown holes or tunnels in exposed wooden areas around your home, or other signs of termite swarms or infestations; call us now for a free termite inspection and service estimate.

Termites in your home are a very serious problem that should be attended to immediately, and we will treat your home as soon as possible to help minimize damages and kill the termites immediately. Every termite infestation and home is unique — and we have more than one available method of termite treatment. We will customize a termite treatment approach to meet your needs and provide expert, upfront advice on how best to eradicate these pests.

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