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Grand Rapids, MI Bee and Wasp Control


Bees feed on flower nectar, and may be attracted to certain plants or flora in your yard or surrounding your property; or may simply be prevalent in your area. Most bees are stinging insects only capable of stinging once, but can become a nuisance. Grand Rapids Bee Control Some bee species are somewhat aggressive, while other are very docile. Bee stings are usually harmless, but can be especially dangerous if a child or someone else in your family is allergic to bee stings. Special care should be taken in these situations to remove the bees from your home as soon as possible by a qualified professional.

Bees can build nests on the exterior or interior of your home, or somewhere else adjacent to your property such in a nearby tree, shed, bush, or retaining wall crevice. If you see a small number of bees buzzing together around the outside of your home, it is a good indication that a beehive is nearby.

Bees can build their hives in walls, roofs, attics, chimneys, in your soffit and fascia roof overhang area, under or within decks or outdoor storage buildings such as sheds, pole barns and garages; as well as many other places in and around your home. Zimmerman Pest Control has been offering quality bee extermination and treatment services to homeowners and businesses across Grand Rapids and West Michigan for over 20 years and will apply effective and affordable as-needed treatment to remove bees from your property and keep them from returning.

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Wasps and Other Stinging Insects

It may be difficult for you to determine what type of bee or wasp has made your property their home; or you may have multiple species of bees or other stinging insects with hives or nests in your yard or property. Zimmerman Pest Control will be able to identify what species are being dealt with, and treat the problem accordingly.

In West Michigan, honey bees can become a problem, as well as yellow jackets, hornets, or various species of wasps. Wasps are typically more aggressive than bees, and can sting more than once. Some wasps may be very large and intimidating, while others are extremely small and often are mistaken for bees.

Rather than nesting in roof areas, trees or elsewhere above-ground, some types of wasps in West Michigan also burrow in the dirt or ground around your home. These types of wasp nests can be especially troublesome, because they could accidentally be stepped on. After your home or yard is treated for wasps and the insects are removed; planting grass seed or adding sod in barren or sandy areas; or using woodchips or other groundcoverings will help keep ground-burrowing wasps from returning to the same area again.